Sunday, September 5, 2010


I know it has been forever. I can't believe I have not updated in so long but I guess life gets busy. So I will do a quick update on everyone.

Tucker- He is doing great. For the last few months we have been going to Austin every two weeks to do chelation for him. This is a heavy metal removal process that takes things like lead out of his system. We found out that he has large amount of lead and aluminum in his system so we decided to do this treatment on him. He has taken very well to the treatment and has had no negative side effects. He does not however like the IV going in he still cries every time we do it, but with each time the crying gets less and less. He started another year of school we have him in a pre school class as well as his 25 hours of therapy a week. The only thing that really needs improvements now is his speech, but that is really coming along. He now even says our family prayer at night. The Lord is truly blessing us with such great progress. Tucker is a wonderful spirit in our home.

Noah- What can I say he is so cute. He is now almost 3 and so full of life. He nerve stops the talking which I LOVE. We are working on peeing in the toilet which has really taken off here lately. He also started preschool this year, and he loves it. He is very much a social little man. He has away of keeping me going but I love him so much it is fine.

Danny- He is so busy these days, I know a few of our friends will not believe that he is really working more then 3 hours a day but he is. (you know who you are) Business is going great out here for him, I can't believe how well he is doing. He has really come into this area and made an impact. In a few weeks Dannys company is sending him to the Dominican Republic to introduce his company to that part of the world, I am so excited because I get to go with him. I am really proud of what he has done with this area. I am sad that because we are doing so well it looks like we could be here a very long time and I am not sure if El Paso is my favorite place, but it is growing on me.

ME- Well I am in school again for my second semester of classes. It is still killing me to get back into the grove of school but hopefully I will get it soon. It is sometimes hard to make sure everything is done so I can make the trips to Austin but I somehow manage to pull it all off. My days are now filled with pick ups and drop offs of my two sweet babies. It has really been exciting to see them going to school and being so happy about it. Well I guess that is pretty much it, o wait one more thing for those that don't know which is pretty much everyone we will be welcoming one more into our family in march, yes that is right we are having our third baby!! We don't know what it is but I sure hope it is a girl!!! Anyway hope everyone is doing well and I will update again after our trip.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ring Update!!!

Well, the other day I was sitting on the couch and Danny walks in, it had been a few days since I had seen my ring. He comes up in front of me and gets down on one knee then he pulls out my ring and says "will you marry me" and I started to cry just like the first time. Then he says "now you can't say I never got on my knee to ask you." He found it for me, it was in a towel that we had our Friday night date picnic on. He really is the very best husband ever, what a relief it is to have in back again. You just can't replace a diamond from South Africa just any day. So now I will be more careful. Anyway, I also wanted to say Danny your talk in church today was amazing love. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Can't Believe I Did This!!!!

I can't believe I lost my wedding ring. Ya that is right it is gone. I have looked everywhere and it is not in my house. I haven't seen it since Wednesday. If this is a sign of how this year is going to go then it is going to be a long year for me. I have been crying for hours. I can't believe I could have done something so stupid as to have lost my wedding ring. Ya, so I guess it will be like another 20 yr before I get a new one, because once you get married and have kids who can justify spending that much money on another ring. At least I have the sweetest husband who has been so nice about it and who has been helping me look for it all day long. Anyway, I should have took that deer running in to our car as a sign as to how this year was going to start out. Sorry this is not a happy post but I just felt like screaming. So I thought that it might help to share with others. Anyway pray that I find it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Life

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog. Well, Daniels job is going really well here and business is picking up nicely so that is good news right. We had Denton and Kristen come for a visit and it was great. We had so much fun with them. Kristen you are so much fun it was very nice to get to know you better. To the family we think we should have the family Reunion pictures back soon so be looking for those. We are still deciding weather to buy or rent a house. Daniel is studying for the GMAT so he can apply for the MBA program here. I will be applying for the SLP program soon so we are both very busy with that. Also, for those that don't know we started an ABA program for Tman which pretty much takes up all my time. Well, that is what we are up to in a nut shell. Hope all is well for the rest of yall. Have a great month because I am sure it will take that long for me to update again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To the Family

Sorry that I have not posted Family Reunion picture yet. We kind of lost them all. I downloaded them to my computer and then it crashed on me so we don't know how to get them off. So we are trying to recover them. Anyway, I just wanted to say it was so much fun seeing everyone again. Kay your baby is so cute we love him. We miss all of you and wish we could be closer, but that is not what the Lord has planed for Danny and I. Anyway, we love and miss you all and hope everything is going great. When I get the picture off the computer I will post them. Thanks for all the love and support ya ll give us we need it.

p.s. I started another blog on tuckers recovery, so if you ever meet anyone going through this let them know about it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will I be a Victim or a Warrior?

A few months ago my life change. In a small room full of strangers a crushing blow hit me. My eyes swelled with tears and my mind stopped working, as they told me that my angel baby Tucker had a small form of Autism called PDDNOS. I remember thinking your wrong just because he does not talk to me does not mean that he is autistic. So for the passed few months I have been in a world of thought as to how this happened and how to fix it. I now have two options I can give in and believe what they tell me is true that he will always be a little weird and that he may never talk to me or I can stand up and fight with the other warrior mothers of autism. So I chose to stand up and fight against this epidemic call autism and I will find away to recover my son, so that some day I will hear him speak to me and tell me Mom “I love you”. So for those of you that have angle babies that speak to you listen and enjoy every word out of their mouth because there are many mothers that would love to hear one word from their babies. I know that the Lord has big plans for my family and me. Without this challenge I would not be on this warrior road and I would not meet the many people that I will along this road. I know that the Lord has big plans for my Tucker man. I have hope that things will work out and that is just what every mother with autistic children need is hope. So to any mothers with autistic children I am sending out hope that someday this epidemic will be under control and that you and your child will recover. So today I choose to be a Warrior mother and fight for my son.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mom, Dad, and Family

I would like to say a few things about my family and my parents.  Mom and Dad you have been good parents and you raised us well.  You were there for your kids and you tried to do the very best that you could for us and I would like to thank you for that.  I have learned over the past 26 yr (yes daddy 26 not 28) that you are honest, obedient to the Lord, and good parents.  I am sorry that some of our family members cannot see the good in ya’ll and accuse you of things that you have not done and would never do.  Let us remember that the Lord knows what we have done and he is our only judge.  I hope that someday these family members will be able to forgive and let go of whatever it is that they are mad at, and see the beauty that each of you hold in your hearts.  I do hope that someday we can stop saying mean and deeply hurtful things about each other and be a forever family because that is what we are as much as some do not like that.  So to the family if I have ever done anything to anyone that has been hurtful please know that I am sorry and that I love each member of this family deeply and I would not want another family.  So mom and dad thank you for giving me a wonderful childhood and helping me to be come a good and honest women.  I could not have done that with out honest and worthy parents.




The whole bunch of us.

The whole bunch of us.
We are on the Franklin Mountains

My daddy look alike

My daddy look alike